Recollective is proud to have sponsored and sent a few of its Reconauts to the NAPHN15 Conference held in Vancouver over the past week. Eesmyal, David, Jason, Chris and Jay went to join hundreds of other delegates from all over the world at the CanPHI (Canadian Passive House Institute) Conference in Vancouver on October 1st and 2nd.

Throughout the two day conference, they were able to learn, exchange ideas and get to know the North American Passive House community. As a result of this conference, two of our Reconauts are taking the PHPPv9 training.

Recollective is working hard to become one of the first consulting companies in Vancouver to offer a holistic package of services that will include LEED, Living Building Challenge and Passive House.

See you Passive House folks next year’s NAPHN16 conference in New York City!!!