Recollective offers consulting services in three distinct but complimentary areas. Click on the individual service to learn more.


LEED Consulting

We facilitate and manage the LEED certification process in a proactive, strategic and systemized way. Our experience with over 100 LEED projects covers all Rating Systems, including LEED-NC, LEED-CI, LEED-CS, LEED-EB:O&M, LEED-ND, and LEED for Homes.

Living Building Challenge Consulting

The Living Building Challenge is a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that promotes the most advanced measurement of sustainability in the built environment possible today. Recollective has proven experience consulting on the largest Living Building (pending certification) in the world, the Jim Pattison Centre of Excellence. As an early pioneer in LBC, we understand its complexity and can translate it into a cost-effective and successful design solution.

Feasibility Studies

Prior to embarking on a project seeking green building certification such as LEED, Living Building Challenge, Passive House, BOMA BESt or Green Globes, we can provide a cost-effective study of the likelihood of certification, along with design impacts, estimated costs and next steps.

Passive House Consulting

As Certified Passive House consultants, we can explore the feasibility of Passive House for your project as well as full-service certification.

LEED Documentation

As required by LEED, consultants need to prepare and submit to the Canada and US Green Building Councils LEED documentation in support of various LEED credits they are responsible for. Recollective consultants have architectural, mechanical, and construction backgrounds with experience preparing documentation for these disciplines. In addition, we have experience reviewing LEED project applications for the Canada Green Building Council, which gives us an in-depth knowledge of what’s required for a successful LEED application. Because of this experience, Recollective is in the unique position of being able to provide LEED documentation services, which gives economic advantages to clients/consultants since costs can be reduced through efficiency and experience.


LEED Energy Modelling

More than just a requirement of LEED certification and equivalency, energy modelling is also a very powerful tool in informing the design of a building and the cost and energy effectiveness of various energy conservation strategies. We conduct building simulations to assist design teams in analyzing cost-effective building designs, and make recommendations to improve building performance in terms of energy, thermal comfort, daylighting, and natural and mechanical ventilation. We use industry recognized and CaGBC-approved software such as EE4, eQuest, and IES VE for building simulations.

CaGBC Approved Energy Modelling

Recollective is recognized by the industry to have extensive experience and expertise in building simulations. As a result, we are among an elite pool of energy modellers approved by the Canada Green Building Council to simulate projects without the need for third-party verification, saving owners and developers close to $5,000 in consulting fees per project. We are also qualified to provide 3rd-party energy model reviews.

BC Hydro Approved Energy Modelling

Recollective is approved by BC Hydro as a qualified energy modeller for conducting BC Hydro Power Smart High-Performance Building Studies. This gives us a competitive advantage in that 100% of our energy modeling fee is covered by BC Hydro for qualifying projects. In addition, BC Hydro may also provide funds to the owner or developer for capital costs related to energy efficiency. Contact us to learn more about how your building could qualify for this incentive program.

Advanced Building Simulations

We are proficient in many advanced building simulation programs to study natural ventilation (computational fluid dynamics), daylight simulation, and thermal comfort analysis.

Existing Building Energy Audits

Our Certified Energy Managers are qualified and experienced in performing Energy Audits. As a building owner, we provide you with a report summarizing the opportunities, costs, and associated paybacks and GHG reductions of individual as well as bundles of energy upgrades. This report can be used to justify capital expenditures, as well as access available energy efficiency grants and low interest loans.


Sustainable Design Facilitation

We are known in the industry for our creative, high energy, results-oriented and fun approach to charrette design and facilitation. Whether its for a program, a product, a building, a community, or an experience, our innovative approach brings stakeholders together in a collaborative environment to co-create clever and practical sustainable design solutions with clear next steps.

LEED Education Workshops

As faculty members of the Canada Green Building Council and UBC, we are qualified to instruct LEED Education Workshops for your organization.

LEED Mentoring

Want to build your LEED consulting capacity in-house, as well as reduce the cost of the learning curve? We can help you. As LEED experts with many years of experience, we can mentor your staff through one-on-one sessions, peer-reviews, and tools and resources we’ve developed that will greatly speed up the learning curve and save you money.

Financial Incentives Research

Increasingly governments and NGO’s are introducing incentive funds to encourage more green development. We are aware of these funds and can help you get “free money” for your green developments.

Green Products and Technology Research

Need some help finding or deciding on the most appropriate green product or technology? As green building experts, we live and breath this stuff and take pride in being aware of what’s worked well and what hasn’t in the industry. Let us help you save time and money.